From: October 21, 2017 To: October 28, 2017

2017 NSW State Championships



2017 NSW State Championships Finals
21-28 October 2017
Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club


Bowls NSW is pleased to announce that Ettalong Memorial will again host the NSW State Championships Finals.


Ettalong Memorial Bowling Club
103 Springwood St.

Ettalong, NSW 2257
Phone: (02) 4341 0087

Ettalong Bowling Club - located at 103 Springwood Street provides a friendly and relaxed atmosphere offering a range of activities such as men's and women's bowls, live entertainment, a quality bistro, coffee shop, bottle shop, raffles, special promotions and much more.

The Peninsula's premier club ~ the club where "Everyone Knows your Name"....

Bowls NSW Thanks Ettalong Memorial BC and looks forward to continuing a successful partnership.

Travel & Accommodation

Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of players involved. 
Players may be eligible for assistance through Travel Assistance Grants

Schedule of Play

Note - Ettalong BC serves breakfast for players from 7.45am.
Players are advised to arrive at Ettalong BC by 8.15am

Australian Championships
Winners of the State Singles, State Pairs, State Triples and State Fours will qualify to contest the Australian Championships to be held at Club Sapphire (Merimbula) from November 28 to 1 December 2017. (Click HERE for BA Announcement of the Australian Championships)

Date Events & Matches 1st match
2nd match
Saturday 21 October State Fours & State President's Reserve Pairs - Rd of 16/Quarter Finals 9.00am 1.00pm
Sunday 22 October State Fours & State President's Reserve Pairs - Semi Finals & Finals 9.00am 1.00pm
Monday 23 October State Triples & State President's Reserve Singles - Rd of 16/Quarter Finals 9.00am 12.15pm
Tuesday 24 October State Triples & State President's Reserve Singles - Semi Finals & Finals    9.00am 12.15pm
Wednesday 25 October State Pairs & State Senior Pairs - Rd of 16/Quarter Finals  9.00am 1.00pm
Thursday 26 October State Pairs & State Senior Pairs - Semi Finals & Finals  9.00am 1.00pm
Friday 27 October State Singles & State Senior Singles - Rd of 16/Quarter Finals   9.00am 12.15pm
Saturday 28 October State Singles & State Senior Singles - Semi Finals & Finals  9.00am 12.15pm
  NOTE: State Singles call of cards 8.30am for Semi Final #1 (top half of draw), Semi Final #2 (bottom half of draw) to follow, then break & then State Singles Final. All to be played on same rink & live streamed. (TBC)    
Trial ends commence 20 minutes before Start Time
Cards Called 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time
*start time of 2nd match of day will be adjusted, depending on finish time of first match.


Prizemoney - 2017 NSW State Championships
Prize money is for each player

Event State State Senior & President's Reserve
Place Singles Pairs, Triples & Fours Singles Pairs
Winner  $1500 $800 $1000 $600
Runner Up $800 $500 $500 $300
defeated Semi Finalists $300 $200 $250 $150
defeated 1/4 Finalists $150 $100 $100 $100
defeated Rd of 16 $50 $50 $50 $50


Event State
Zone Singles Pairs Triples Fours
1 Jamie Eichorn
Casino RSM
Stuart Hall
Joshua Greenhalgh
Lismore Heights
Michael Chilcott
David Cranwell
Warren Peart
Brian Bermingham
Gavin Speers
Neil Burgess
Alf Boston
2 Daniel Hill
Mayfield West
Brian Bateman
Terry Antram
Soldiers Point
Shane Soper
David Wayland
Warren Shipley
Les Pyke
Steven Wilson
Bruce Bull
Wayne Lambourne
Windale Gateshead
3 Scott Hamilton
Inverell East
Kyle Skaines
Adam Ross
Inverell East
Adam Ross
Doug Newton
Scott Hamilton
Inverell East
Thomas Stanton
Clinton Hamilton #3
William Stanton
Rex Skuthorpe
4 Lee Stinson
Orange Ex-Services CC
Steve Shannon
Robert Hamilton
Blake Bradtke
Andrew Armostrong
Steve Galvin
Mark Gorrie
Scott Fitzalan
Chris O'Neill
John Mobbs
5 Michael Anderson
Stephen Philp
Phil Clarke
Steve Wilcock
Mick Thorne
Matt Slager
Ian Betts
Stephen Gorsuch
Matthew Dunn
Jason Mathers
6 Andrew Rees 
Kurri Kurri
Darren Kedwell
DJ Dilworth
Club Maitland City
Ben Harrison
Rodney Darcey
Simon Mitchell
Club Maitland City
Andrew Rees
Nathan Dawson
Michael Smith
Aaron Appleby
Kurri Kurri
7 Scott Mathieson
Lake Conjola
Ian Smith
Scott Mathieson
Lake Conjola
Stephen Greig
Boris Schneider
Michael Wilks
Keith Pickett
Keith Bowater
John Breust
Jay Breust
8 Richard Potter
Temora B&R
Shaun Gehringer
Lincoln Gooley
Max Sandbrook
Brett White
David Inglis
Wagga RSL
Greg Crampton
Bradley Thomas
Timothy Campton
Daniel Thomas
9 Sam Owen
North Sydney
Stephen Smith
Terry Warder
Crawford Linton
Matthew Blackburn
Steve Rawlings
Stephen Smith
Phil Enever  #4
Mark Delia
Terry Warder
10 Matthew Phillips
NBC Sports
Peter Harry
Mick Harry
Wenworthville Leagues
Gareth Lewis
Shawn Thompson
Tom Ellem
Tom Le Greca
Kevin Bolger
Paul Reynolds
Ray Coombes
Greenlees Park
11 Matthew Sargeant
Stephen Harris
Matthew Sargeant
Stephen Harris
David Richardson
Matthew Sargeant
Tuncurry Beach
Stephen Harris
Martin Gosper
Kevin Robinson
Rex Johnston
Tuncurry Beach
12 Ray Pearse
Ashley Mitchell
Carl Healey
William Johnson
Carl Healey
Corey Wedlock
Billy Johnson
Corey Wedlock
Carl Healey
Ray Pearse
13 David Ferguson
Jay Short
Cameron Curtis
Mason Lewis
Craig Scott
David Ferguson
Mike Nagy
John Green
David Axon
Wayne Turley
Taren Point
14 Cory Daley
Park Beach
Cory Daley
Craig Donaldson
Park Beach
Bryce Stewart
Callum Murray
Jack Lewis
Port City
Corey Daley
Ric Southam
Kent Price
Craig Donaldson
Park Beach
15 Aron Sherriff
Ettalong Memorial
Lee Trethowan
Aron Sherriff
Ettalong Memorial
Lee Trethowan
John Roberts
Aron Sherriff
Ettalong Memorial
Mitchell McDonnell
Chris Willingham
Patrick Reynolds
Michael Stead
16 Harley McDonald
Ted Clarke
Leif Selby
Jason Cheadle
Dylan Skinner
Shane Garvey
Wiseman Park Wollongong City
Tom Hull
Luke Cocksedge
Dylan Skinner
Shane Garvey
Wiseman Park Wollongong City
Event State Senior State President's Reserve
Zone Singles Pairs Singles Pairs
1 Terry McFadden
Lismore Heights
Gary Harrison
Alan Knox
Grafton District
Stephen Colley
Brooms Head
Frank Bell
Kevin Watts
Lennox Head
2 Michael Beesley
Michael Brown
Michael Beesley
Marc Bert
Mark Spatford
Geoff Prisk
Nelson Bay
3 Scott Franklin
Lightning Ridge
Stephen Berger
Clancy Hamilton
Wee Waa
Kyle Goodwin
Graham Smith
Danial Westbury #2
4 Alan Messiter
Alan Messitter
Neville Connor
Robert Luland
Colin McDonnell  #
Ken Poppett
Lithgow Workies
5 Stuart Hutchinson
Campbelltown City
Bob Lang
John Ensbey
Nicholas Darias
Wentworth Falls
Nick Gardner
Steve Ciani
6 Mick Parkinson
East Cessnock
Graeme Solomons
David Button
Club Maitland City
Lee Forster
Club Maitland City
Max Barwick
Roger Cotton
7 Anthony Melrose
Malua Bay
Jeff Rankin
Don Cooper
Gary Thurston
Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's
Dean Smith
Peter McClen
8 John Humphries
Richard Durnan
Peter Durnan
Robert Minister
William Butz
Robert Miller
9 Martin Holden
Vinko Beram
Ral Lewis
North Sydney
Frank Spanyik
North Sydney
Greg Hobson
Mark Walkden
Pittwater Memorial
10 Neil Burkett
Gary Reynolds
Trevor Imer
Kane Gray
Ryde X Phoenix
Ben Nahirny
Richard Thorp
Dural CC
11 Errol Ruprecht
Taree West
Malcolm Drury
Errol Ruprecht
Taree West
Wayne O'Neill
Mark Anderson
John O'Malley
12 Christopher Tindall
St Johns Park
Peter York
Stephen Smith
Edward Seckold
St Johns Park
David Chalmers
Dennis Vidamour
13 Peter Hughes
Ray Stokes
Shane Dollar
South Coogee
Reg Harris
David Farr
Paul Goodyear
14 Ian Stone
Kemspey Macleay RSL
Athol Grogan
John Bradley
Joseph Franck
John Kay
Dale Scrivener
Scotts Head
15 John Roberts
Ettalong Memorial
Peter McCarten
Anthony Shoebride
Warren Power
Bateau Bay
Barry Pike
Tom Townsend
16 Robbie Fahey
Paul Collins
Geoff McGillivray
Paul Cable
Garry O'Brien
Peter McMurtrie
Wiseman Park Wollongong City

# Colin McDonnell replacement player for Trevor Mills
#2 Danial Westbury replacement for David Kliendienst
#3 Clinton Hamilton replacement for Anthony Lamb
#4 Phil Enever replacement for Paul Leckey


StateChampionship State Senior State Pres. Reserve
Singles Pairs Triples Fours Singles Pairs Singles Pairs
10 v 2 8 v 15 11 v 10 1 v 6 8 v 11 7 v 10 13 v 4 4 v 5
13 v 3 7 v 10 13 v 7 3 v 2 3 v 13 5 v 3 14 v 15 1 v 16
8 v 16 5 v 6 15 v 6 13 v 4 7 v 10 9 v 15 16 v 5 8 v 11
11 v 6 2 v 13 14 v 2 10 v 16 5 v 12 16 v 11 6 v 12 14 v 15
12 v 14 11 v 4 9 v 1 12 v 5 15 v 2 14 v 13 8 v 7 7 v 13
9 v 15 1 v 3 12 v 4 7 v 15 1 v 6 4 v 1 10 v 9 9 v 6
7 v 1 16 v 12 16 v 5 11 v 9 9 v 14 12 v 8 11 v 2 10 v 12
5 v 4 14 v 9 3 v 8 14 v 8 4 v 16 6 v 2 3 v 1 3 v 2

Match Times

Players are advised to arrive at Ettalong BC by 8.15am (breakfast available from 7.45am).
Cards will be called at 8.30am for trial ends to commence at 8.40am.

The second match of the day may start prior to 1pm, start time will be adjusted depending on finish time of first match. 
Bowls NSW Conditions of Play provide that a minimum of 30 minutes is allowed between games for lunch.

Accommodation & Local Information

Players are to arrange their own accommodation.

A light lunch will be provided to players on each day.
Ettalong BC also provides a breakfast for players from 7.45am

Pre-Event Practice

Rinks will be available on the day before each event commences. NOTE -  no practice will be permitted on the green on which matches of the State Championships are being played and greens may be unavailable at times due to club events. 

Laws & Conditions of Play

All matches are played in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 2nd Edition, January 2015 and with the 2017-2018 RNSWBA Conditions of Play.

Copies of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls are available from State and Territory Associations (Click here for contact details of the RNSWBA) and from Bowls Australia e-store.

The RNSWBA Conditions of Play are available free of charge as a download from the RNSWBA web-site, or hard copies are available for sale from the RNSWBA Offices.

The Controlling Body for the event is the State Match Committee

General Conditions of Play (Summary)

2 Trial ends are permitted before each game (COP 2.10)

Green space will not be available for practice before the first match of each day (COP 2.11)

Number of Bowls (COP 2.13) & Duration of Matches (COP 2.20)
Singles - 4 bowls per player, 31 shots up
Pairs - 4 bowls per player (2x2x2x2), 21 ends

Travel & Accommodation

Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of players involved. 
Players may be eligible for assistance through Travel Assistance Grants